Talent Community Services

For SMEs

The shortage of a skilled workforce is a hot topic - and a challenge to every company. The "War for Talent" will intensify over the next few years. Popular job platforms do not bring the desired return and established personnel service providers are very expensive. If you start the personnel search as a tech company only when the need arises, you are already several months too late. A constant presence in the employment market is essential.

Never stop recruiting!

search sourcing

Targeted Networking and building of long-term relationships

We actively search for the best professionals in the market on your behalf. Using the latest tools and technology, we can find and connect with emerging talent, and build a long-term relationship. Our approach is always subtle, transparent and respectful. We refrain from actively soliciting people through optimised employment conditions. Our primary goals are informal acquaintances and building long-term relationships. Of course, we show respect when people do not wish for any further contact.

talent community

Building a Talent Community

We help companies with building a talent community. With a network of professionals, key functions should be possible to be filled at any time. We are present at the relevant trade fairs, and support you in the evaluation and organisation of appropriate events. We represent you, wherever the talent and specialists are.

guerilla recruiting

Guerilla Recruiting

In guerrilla recruiting, the individual attention of potential employees is addressed through unconventional measures as a supplement to the classic procedure. The actions are cost-effective, flexible and have a great effect despite the low use of resources. If the employer market is rather unknown, attention can be achieved. Guerrilla Recruiting also addresses passive candidates who cannot be reached by classical methods.

process consulting

Consulting in Processes, Tools & Technology

Our strengths lie in our broad experience and diverse, strategic partnerships. This enables us to optimally support SMEs in the recruitment process with state-of-the-art applications and presence on the appropriate platforms. Terms such as Recruitee, Prescreen, Montage Talent, HireVue, Stack Overflow or LinkedIn are all familiar to us. We help you to avoid losing your way in the broad field of HR technology.