our Consulting Concept for Private Individuals

Times have changed: people no longer work 40 years for the same company. Job security is no longer the be all and end all. We are increasingly evolving towards a project-based economy. The average length of employment is now only four to five years. Tasks change continuously. In the future, we will be subject to more and more changes in our jobs and the portfolio career will increasingly come to the fore. With a broad network, you too will be prepared for anything. Never Stop Networking!

Illustration Career Vision Consultancy

Career Vision Consultancy

Together, we develop a specific career vision.

  • What are your personal goals? What is your individual WHY?
  • What knowledge and experience distinguishes you?
  • What are your areas of interest?
  • What is your preferred work environment?
  • Where and how are your skills precisely transferable?
  • Which working conditions are most important to you?
  • In which salary bracket do you situate yourself?
  • Are you mobile nationwide or even globally?

Illustration Networking Consultancy

Networking Consultancy

A good network strategy is your risk insurance. In the event of a job loss or intentions for change, a comprehensive and broadly diversified network provides the best opportunities for direct connection.

Veezio advises you with the following:

  • Analysis of the existing network in terms of diversification, sector, hierarchy levels and locality
  • Definition of target companies and contacts
  • Development of a network strategy
  • Follow-up plan - targeted follow-up measures

Illustration LinkedIn Audit

Auditing LinkedIn Profiles

Together, we create or revise your LinkedIn profile. As professional recruiters and users of LinkedIn recruiter licences, we can check your profile for keywords and plan targeted optimisations.

Illustration Interview Training


We have a modern and fully equipped studio with video, microphone and TV.

Ideal for practising and analysing the following interview situations:

  • Analysis of interviews to prepare for recruitment interviews
  • Training in asynchronous video interviews (pre-recorded)
  • Communication and speech training, as well as analysis of the recordings
  • Recording stimulating and attractive intro videos for job applications

Illustration Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation Consultancy

We advise you systematically on the following points:

  • Psychological foundations in contract negotiations
  • Tactical approach in the application process
  • General tips & tricks of a professional recruiter

Illustration Application Feedback

Obtaining Application Feedback

Most applications are fobbed off with standard rejection emails. Mostly very frustrating, not in line with your efforts - and not very informative for future applications. As your consultant, Veezio will specifically contact the companies concerned to provide you with comprehensive and constructive feedback.

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Veezio's goal is to decode the DNA of modern digital recruiting for candidates and tech SMEs in Switzerland.

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