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Veezio's goal is to decode the DNA of modern digital recruiting for candidates and tech SMEs in Switzerland. It's all about surviving in a highly competitive market. As recruiting professionals with many years of experience and digital natives, we have the necessary knowledge to purposefully advise our clients.

Self-Responsibility and Networking

in the Digital Age

Digitisation now allows jobseekers to learn more about a company than ever before. We obtain exciting insights into the culture and work of almost every company on LinkedIn, through blogs, websites or social media platforms. The next contact with an interesting company is just a click away. At the same time, companies can use these channels to position themselves in the market and interact with their target group.

The job or employee search is a responsibility that cannot be delegated. Intermediaries are not needed. Veezio sees itself as an enabler in this context - we make it possible. We advise jobseekers and companies in dealing with the most common tools and platforms to ensure personality and culture find each other. This results in a corporate culture that is more than just the sum of individual personalities.

Our Values

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Our Name

Veezio is a modern interpretation of the Latin word Visio, which means see, idea, notion. Because if a life has no vision, there is no motive to make an effort.

About Lukas Villiger

About Lukas Villiger

Founder of Veezio

After leaving secondary school, Lukas Villiger started his apprenticeship as a plumber. Even this early in his career, his interest in corporate culture was awakened. Since then, the search for new approaches, ways and solutions has been a recurrent theme throughout his professional life.

After an extra-occupational training as a technical tradesman, Villiger said goodbye to the construction site. As a recruiting consultant for the globally active company Kelly Services, he dared to change direction. That was followed by further education in human resources and a refresher course in English. Villiger also proved his versatility as a trained ski instructor.

As a certified head of HR, Villiger became a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant and Team Leader at Siemens. With Veezio, Villiger finally took the step to self-employment. The motivation: to pass on his own experiences to people who want to redirect themselves professionally. In addition, Veezio helps companies to attract the right talent.

Veezio Schweiz GmbH

Veezio's goal is to decode the DNA of modern digital recruiting for candidates and tech SMEs in Switzerland.

Veezio Schweiz GmbH
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